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What are the Benefits of Using CRM?


How’s business going? Maybe you’ve been recommended by both your peers and staff to invest in something to help them stay organized, or to help them do their jobs more efficiently. Maybe this isn’t the first time you’ve heard of customer relationship management, or CRM, either.

You may be wondering, “CRM sounds great and all, but how will it help me?” “What’s in it for me if I spend money on this?” “I’m already on a budget.” Things like that.

I’m here to encourage you that using a CRM system not only will provide you with a ton of benefits to your business, but also to the way you and your staff conduct it. These are the many benefits of using CRM for your business, whether it’s big or small and growing.

More organization

Maybe organization hasn’t been a strong suit, despite your best efforts to improve where needed. Not everyone remembers to use their daily planner, and no matter how prepared you are for your work day, there can be hiccups such as last-minute orders or a missed detail on one.

Depending on what kind of a business you run, staying organized can be the most rewarding and yet difficult task you can do daily.

CRM systems such as Asana are wonderful to have in such cases. These systems come complete with more than one method to organize your daily or monthly calendar of tasks that are 100% customizable. The ability to adjust where needed can leave you with a freeing feeling that’s hard to find on paper. Plus, you don’t waste paper in the process of revising either!

More knowledge about customers

Over time certain trends in purchasing habits are really worth paying attention to. Yet tracking this sort of thing can also be a tough time, especially if you’re using more old school methods of contact such as phone calls.

Let me tell you, there’s no time like the present to start getting a better idea of the way your customer relations are going. Keeping customers not only satisfied but also happy to come back to your business and its services or products is what keeps a company thriving.

CRM can help with this part by collecting data from your customers. This data can include purchase records, messages received previously, and demographic information for a few examples.

CRM can be started anytime you need to get some more insight in the way your customers are shopping. You’ll be able to understand better what your customers are looking for, and how best to improve their experience while buying from your company.

More insight to current trends in business and marketing

Customers and shopping behaviours aren’t the only trend you and your company need to keep an eye on! Business and marketing trends are always changing too.

It’s one thing to know the data on what your customers are doing. It’s quite another to know not only how to use such data, but also what it all means.

CRM developers are well aware of this need to stay in touch with current marketing and business processes. That’s why each platform offers several means, not just the one, to truly figure out where your business needs to change in order to stay relevant and visible online and offline.

More ways to anticipate and initiate change immediately

Like trends in marketing, the way you conduct your business is fluid too. If you want to keep up with the current times, you’re going to need to change with them. That being said, some things you’re doing may be the key to your current success, so keeping up with what’s working is also necessary for future sales successes.

CRM can provide automatically produced sales reports as well as analytics to show you what’s working and what’s not. You’ll get a broader, better idea and insight as to what to expect from future performance, while simultaneously adjusting your goals to suit those initiated changes.

More means of effective communication

Customers aren’t the only people your business needs to communicate with daily. Sometimes sales can go awry if even only one staff member misses the memo that there are recent changes in the company. That’s where CRM can help.

Most, if not all, CRM systems play quite nicely with all the big email companies and formatting (Outlook and Gmail being the main giants). Additionally, each form of CRM can reveal how your staff is interacting with the customers, which in turn can help your team to streamline and align their voices with that of your brand.

With CRM, everyone can stay in touch with each other, tagging each other as well as sending each other notes and notifications on the latest information, all in one place and in one system.

Need to get started? Why not hire a CRM consultant?

Deciding on a CRM system that not only suits you and your staff’s needs but also that of your company’s is not easy. Like it or not, you’re going to have to navigate your way through this learning process if you want to see all the benefits CRM has to offer. Why not have a CRM consultant by your side?

Our company purely focuses on providing you with all the tools you need to set up your CRM system, as well as solutions in the event your current setup isn’t going the way you think it should. If you’d like a helping hand, we can guide you.

Book your consultation today if you’d like to start seeing what CRM has to offer!

CRMs aren’t a one-size-fits-all solution!


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