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The International Writer

“Overall, working with The Systems Queens and implementing their CRM package has been a game-changer for our business.”

When Russell and Sarah Ward of BC’s The International Writer Copywriting, realized they needed systems help, they reached out to their business coach, Lisa van Reeuwyk, who turned them towards The Systems Queens.

Lisa had worked with us before and had a number of good things to say about the experience. She knew that she could trust us with her valued clients.


Dubsado: CRM Customization & Support


The Need for a Systems Team

The duo behind The International Writer had starting using Dubsado as their CRM and had tried to set it up themselves. However they knew it could do more for them and had more features that they weren’t utilizing yet. They had experienced other’s Dubsado client onboarding processes (as a client) and wanted to find someone who could create this magic for their company as well. They were getting busier with their own clients and experiencing growth so it was time to take their client journey care and processes to the next level.

For Russell and Sarah, the choice was clear: hire a CRM & Systems agency.


The team at The International Writer could have hired a Virtual Assistant to take a shot at finishing and fleshing out their Dubsado set up, but they ultimately decided to work with our team at The Systems Queens. Having a team of skilled systems consultants available, especially with our focus and intention on the overall client experience, made the choice an easy one.

Russell and Sarah explain, “​​We chose to work with Maryanne and her team at The Systems Queens because we needed to streamline our processes within Dubsado and map out workflows to optimize our client’s journey from start to finish. We were spending so much time on manual tasks like contract and proposal write-ups. We were looking to make the most out of Dubsado and ensure that our chosen CRM tool aligned perfectly with our business requirements.


Russell and Sarah explain the results they have seen: 

“The comprehensive workflow creation offered by The Systems Queens improved our efficiency. They automated various tasks and processes, including building proposals, scheduling setups, lead capturing, and utilizing templates. By automating these tasks, we were able to save a significant amount of time and streamline our operations, allowing us to focus on other crucial aspects of our business.

The professionalism and credibility of our business have been enhanced through our partnership with The Systems Queens. They helped us leverage Dubsado’s capabilities to create polished proposals, capture leads effectively, and implement standardized templates. The consistent and professional client interaction has had a positive impact on our reputation.

Overall, working with The Systems Queens and implementing their CRM package has been a game-changer for our business. We have benefited from their expertise, streamlined our processes, saved time, and improved the overall client experience. We highly recommend The Systems Queens for anyone looking to optimize their CRM and take their business to the next level.”

Your Two Most Precious Resources

At The Systems Queens, our goal is to give business owners more of their two most precious resources -time and money. By streamlining their client journeys and effectively implementing and utilizing their business systems, they are super-charging their client care, confidence, and ultimately, retention, which leads to more money in their pockets.

Client Love Note

Great service offerings and really helped turn our business processes around. 
Would highly recommend.
-Sarah and Russell Ward
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