5 Signs Your Business Seriously Needs a CRM System

5 Signs Your Business Seriously Needs a CRM System | The Systems Queens

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 90 total views,  1 views today Just like a car, your business always needs proper care and maintenance, and attention. And also like a car, the very last thing you want is to experience a breakdown RIGHT as the holidays are ramping up. It really doesn’t take too long to realize that in a lot of cases, […]

How to Set Up Honeybook

How to Set Up Honeybook | The Systems Queens

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 46 total views,  1 views today Don’t you hate it when you have a shiny new CRM, and then you stare at your computer screen  wondering what you’re supposed to do next? Do you have Honeybook, for example, and you need to know how to set up Honeybook, only to find out you actually don’t know the […]

How to Get Started with Jane

How to Get Started with Jane | The Systems Queens

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 67 total views,  1 views today Anyone who decides to focus their business life around overall health and wellness knows full well how crucial it is to thrive both now and in the future. For these clinics the most success can be found via appointments being booked, receiving payments for sessions and services, and getting referrals. That’s […]

We’ve Rebranded! Bow to Your New Systems Queens

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 54 total views Don’t you just love getting a new coat of paint on your life? So do we! We love it so much in fact that we ended up rebranding our CRM consulting agency. You may now refer to us as The Systems Queens! Can we get a YASSS QUEEN?! What it means to be […]

The 3 Best CRM Systems for Startups

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 52 total views,  1 views today Apple, Amazon, Google. What do these all have in common? That’s right—they were all startups at one point. There’s also another big thing they have in common: they use customer relationship management systems to make sure they continue to prosper and grow. If you’re just getting started in the business world, […]

What are the Benefits of Using CRM?

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 54 total views,  1 views today How’s business going? Maybe you’ve been recommended by both your peers and staff to invest in something to help them stay organized, or to help them do their jobs more efficiently. Maybe this isn’t the first time you’ve heard of customer relationship management, or CRM, either. You may be wondering, “CRM […]

What is Salesforce & Why Does My Business Need It?

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 49 total views Are you new to the big, big world of entrepreneurship? Are you passionate about the non-profit you’ve gotten started on? Or have you been a part of digital marketing for as long as you can remember, even before Google became the latest, newest thing? However long you’ve been a part of the business […]

Hubspot CRM Features Your Business is Missing Out On

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 50 total views,  1 views today What’s the very first thing you think of when you hear the word “Hubspot”? To us, it’s a familiar name used throughout the entire digital marketing industry. That being said, maybe this is your first time hearing about them. In plain terms, Hubspot is both a digital marketing agency and a […]

Honeybook vs Dubsado—Which Should I Choose?

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 42 total views The future of CRM is a bright one! As more and more businesses lean further into the work from home setting, the demand for CRM software that meets everyone’s needs has grown over the past few decades. Whether you’re a fresh new startup looking to launch this year, or you’re well-established and want […]

CRM System Integration: Don’t Do It Yourself! Here’s Why

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 55 total views There are so many do-it-yourself (DIY) projects online. From gardening and housekeeping to arts and crafts, there’s no shortage of helpful guides and tips. The possibilities truly are endless! What about something like CRM system integration though? Well, I have a really big tip for you, in that regard: Don’t ever do it […]