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Is Hubspot Worth Considering? 4 Reasons Why Yes, It Is!


As a mom and a business owner both, I know how tough it is to balance everything, all at once, every single day! Whether or not you have kids yourself, you already know how much easier life is when things go smoothly the way they should.

Sometimes though, life isn’t like that at all. It can be messy, and that mess can be transferred into the way you conduct business.

That’s why we’re always suggesting signing up for this CRM system or that—so you can find the time you need to spend it with your kids or your loved ones without worrying after your shift ends for the day.

In today’s case, we thought it was worth talking about Hubspot again, because there are four really good reasons why it’s worth considering for your business. It’s a question we get all the time: “Is Hubspot worth considering?” And guess what? It is!

Free for life plan

Even if at some point you decide on a different CRM, Hubspot’s free for life plan is pretty hard to top. Running a business of any size can be an expensive time, so having a plan that’s free for life and still getting some of its best features while you’re growing your business can save you a lot of trouble, and also much-needed money.

Keep in mind that when it comes to getting your real money’s worth, upgrading to the starter or professional plan will ensure you get to use some of what Hubspot is really well known for that are not available in the free plan: the workflows, aka the sequence of actions that you can have the software take on contacts, and the automatic lead-nurturing features, which can contribute to your continual growth.

Regardless, even if you can only afford their free plan, Hubspot still offers plenty of valuable features in the meantime, such as the ones below.

Your best bet to grow organic inbound marketing results

Initially Hubspot was designed purely as a marketing tool, and then eventually customer relationship management (CRM) features were added as time went on. This shift in what Hubspot could offer to its customers changed it from a niche, purely marketing only tool into a strong contender against the likes of ZenDesk by offering marketing AND CRM AND customer support. If your company needs to rely on all three of these elements, Hubspot is absolutely worth the extra costs.

For some companies, investing in content marketing specifically takes less of a priority than getting it off the ground, and that’s where a lot (a lot) of problems can crop up. Fortunately, Hubspot offers its very own CMS (content management system) which can boost the ROI on your blog.

Even if you’d rather use other CMS options such as WordPress, Hubspot plays nicely with them! Not to mention the sheer abundance of their inbound marketing knowledge in their Academy is nothing to sneeze at. They’ve been passionate about marketing businesses online since its initiation, and that’s not likely to stop anytime soon.

Helping you best understand how your marketing efforts are performing

Let’s face it, as great as Google Analytics is for observing your online efforts, lately it’s been hiding more and more of its best features from people who can’t pay for it (Google Adwords users know exactly what I mean). Don’t get me wrong, it’s still super helpful, and you’ll get some valuable insights regardless of whether you’re paying them or not.

Where Hubspot is concerned, however, its analytics tools are super efficient. Not only will you get an in-depth understanding of what’s driving traffic to your company’s website, but also you’ll get a closer look at how your marketing efforts are going over time, and how those are affecting your business.

Hubspot also allows you to track email opens in your Outlook or Gmail account integrations, allowing you to see in real time how your customers are interacting with your emails. Some people respond better to email than others, so this feature can really give you that needed insight.

True harmony between sales and marketing

Do you know something that both kids and the sales and marketing departments have in common? I’ll tell you: they tend to get into fights, and usually over such small slights that really, in the bigger picture, aren’t that big of a deal. Yet, to the kids and people in each department, they feel like they matter the world.

I’m serious! One thing I’ve noticed is that there’s real, genuine discord between both a sales and marketing department. You’d think they would both be the best of friends, but you’d be shocked at how this is not the case! Seriously, google “sales and marketing conflict” and I’m sure you’ll be as surprised as I am to see the many articles talking about how to resolve it.

Thankfully, there is one solution that can have a peaceful resolution. As an all-in-one CRM system, Hubspot enables everyone on either team to collaborate together in real time, and ensure their goals in each department are aligned and synchronized rather than different.

Using the aforementioned insights, both teams can realize the next best courses of action to take together, while having enough flexibility to adapt and change course when required.

Still not sure Hubspot sounds like it’s worth considering? If you’d like to see more pros and cons or compare Hubspot to other CRMs on the market, download our guide!

Need further guidance, or CRM support? We can help

Like I said, I’m a mom and also a business owner. I know full well how pressed for time you are already. Such is the life of running a business that’s just getting off the ground.

However, I can also show you how Hubspot can be your new best friend and a worthwhile CRM system. As a consultant, I can show you how to set up Hubspot’s CRM, how it can supercharge your productivity and inbound marketing efforts, and how it can especially help you get back on track with your sales process.

Book a discovery call or a longer Pick My Brain turbo session where you can ask me anything at all about Hubspot!

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