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How to Set Up Honeybook

How to Set Up Honeybook | The Systems Queens


Don’t you hate it when you have a shiny new CRM, and then you stare at your computer screen  wondering what you’re supposed to do next? Do you have Honeybook, for example, and you need to know how to set up Honeybook, only to find out you actually don’t know the first thing you’re doing?

It’s not like this isn’t your first rodeo with learning new things. It’s just there’s something so different, so out there about using the CRM, that you literally cannot even.

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If this sounds like your work day, girl, we get it. Learning new things can be hard. But you know what else? Learning can also be exciting. 

Think of the way a child discovers something new, something they realize they can be good at doing. It could be painting, it could be finding rocks outside on the path…it could even be math or writing. They’re not like “oh this is boring, I may as well not bother”. They’re more like “Oh this is cool, let’s do this thing for a while!” And then they really do the dang thing, and they may even end up doing it for hours. 

Why not draw in that childlike sense of thrill when it comes to your new CRM and the way you conduct your company?

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Let’s get started together, you and us Systems Queens. Here’s a guide from us to you on how to set up Honeybook, how it can play nicely with other CRMs you might be interested in, and how you can finally show your CRM that you are the real boss of your business.

Step 1: Sign up for the trial mode

This step is not only the first, it’s the most crucial. At this stage you’re probably not even sure if Honeybook is going to work out for your business or not. The good news is, Honeybook does offer a trial run for about 7 days (aka a week). 

Orrrrrrr you can sign up for one of our setup services. Your call.

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As an FYI, one of these pathways will let you figure out Honeybook on your own in case you’re on the techy side (in which case, you go girl!).

The other pathway is for those business owners who may want a little extra helping hand to get through their day. 

Either way, we got you, so don’t you worry.

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Step 2: Customize your account’s settings

With any new program or technology, there are instantly going to be certain settings in place that may or may not gel with the way your business is run. 

As soon as you have an account in place with Honeybook, go over to your Account’s profile picture and click on it, and then select either “Company Settings” or “My Account” and go through each of these areas’ lists.

This is where it’s a MUST to upload your company’s logo and its brand imagery. That way your customers will recognize it’s your brand because it’s been placed front and center!

Certain settings you should consider revamping or tweaking after the fact (and this goes for everyone reading this) include:

  • Notifications
  • Project types
  • Project details

Step 3: Add your bank account details

Just because you want that money, honey, it doesn’t mean a thing if you don’t get paid!

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It’s not like you expect money to appear out of thin air, right?

So, get that money girl, and add your bank details to Honeybook.

Also, make sure you let your new and shiny CRM know whether you’re the sole proprietor or an individual, or even an LLC-Partnership Corp.

Once you’ve let Honeybook know you want to see some green, it will send you that money to that account anytime a client pays!

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Step 4: Add your contacts and their emails

This step’s as easy as the last one! All you really need is a list of your current contacts, whether they’re regular clients or staff. 

You can either export a CSV file from your computer and add that to Honeybook, or add the contacts as you go. Or you can sync your current list from Gmail or Outlook right away. If they’re staff, invite them to create their own accounts and join your Honeybook.

Step 5: Play around with some templates

This part’s fun! Honeybook usually offers a few sample templates for things like invoices, questionnaires, contracts, and emails. Feel free to apply your brand to these templates and tweak them so they suit your company’s style and voice.

You can also add your already perfect templates to Honeybook, if you’re not too thrilled about the sample ones. 

Or, maybe it’s time for a new you when it comes to this step? In which case, you can click on “Create New” and start building your own template from scratch. Because sometimes, a fresh new coat of paint is just what you need to feel ready to slay your day.

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Step 6: Create your first project

You’ve entered the deets for your bank account and contacts, you’ve got your branding all in place, your logo is ready to make your company glow—it’s time to create your first project. 

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Think of your new project the way you would like your home’s living room. This is where all of the communication, the details, and the information relating to a specific event or client are sitting together in one space and place.

Your new project is where you’re going to email your client directly, share files, track your time and tasks, and upload documents. All of this can be done with the project you create. And all you need to do is click “Create Project” and then follow the rest of Honeybook’s prompts.

You’ll be asked to add more details about your client, as well as any details that shouldn’t be left amiss.
And when you’re done with that, you can start sending the messages and files you need your client to know about.

Step the Final: You’re ready to rock

Congratulations, you’ve set up Honeybook! Give yourself a pat on the back, sit back, and relax. The hard part’s over. 

For the real go-getter business owners, if you’d like to do more after you’re ready to rock your business, feel free to explore the Internet to your heart’s content.

(Psst…want some more tips? You can always choose to switch to another CRM if you’re still not happy with Honeybook. Click here to download a comparison guide!)

And seriously, we got you if you’re still stuck at all. If you need someone to guide you while you’re setting up your Honeybook, or maybe even figure out how to slay your day, you can call us Systems Queens anytime.

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