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How to Get Started with Jane

How to Get Started with Jane | The Systems Queens


Anyone who decides to focus their business life around overall health and wellness knows full well how crucial it is to thrive both now and in the future. For these clinics the most success can be found via appointments being booked, receiving payments for sessions and services, and getting referrals. That’s why you need to choose a CRM that not only fulfills its purpose for your needs, but also one that means you and your staff choose happy, or at least content! 

One thing we often recommend to business owners if they’re more wellness and health-centered is Jane. Before you ask, no, we’re not talking about starting something with a specific person named Jane. We’re really talking more about a CRM that can help your wellness clinic or treatment centre out tremendously, and its full name is Janeapp.

What is Janeapp?

Janeapp is a CRM system made especially for companies whose central focus is on providing healthcare and wellness services such as acupuncture, physiotherapy, consultations, counselling—basically, any business that provides care for the sake of others’ health and well-being.

With a Jane account, you can create packages, offer discounts and complimentary consultations, and ensure your clinic is receiving its payments—all the while making booking appointments easier than ever for your clients who need your help. It’s all online, and that’s where most health and wellness practitioners are going in order to better serve others.

Why are health/wellness centres the main audience?

For one, Jane’s mission statement is that they are all about “helping the helpers”. That means Janeapp caters to a more specific audience of businesses rather than trying to appeal to every type out there the way other CRMs do, such as Dubsado and Hubspot. While these CRMs are also both good options for these businesses, Janeapp truly simplifies the booking process and contributes to helping people via the Internet, which in the past few years has increasingly become more important and valued than ever.

If your health or wellness clinic/centre wants to be considered relevant in today’s era of online resources, shopping, and further activities such as telehealth, signing up for Janeapp as your CRM is the best course of action. Also, Janeapp can assist non-profits and registered charities with a bursary program too.

Why use Jane?

Incredible ease of access for patients and people in need, and for the business owner in charge of using Janeapp. All it takes to book an appointment is a few clicks of the mouse button, and that’s it. No more leafing through physical books or having to pay for new office supplies to keep up with the rapidly changing environments. Setting the appointment options and packages up is also easily done, and if you’re ever stuck on how to do this, Jane’s support team and online resources are included in your monthly subscription plan.

You’re supporting a local business. Jane’s main headquarters are based in North Vancouver, Canada, so if your wellness or health clinic is also based in Canada, by supporting Jane you’re supporting a local business too. Of course, Jane is also expanding its system to countries outside of Canada as well, including Australia and the US. It will take some more time and tweaking the software, but they’re getting there!

It’s a great visual aid. By using Janeapp, you can enable your patients to post documents and chart entries to their account. This means it’s easy for everyone to view helpful information such as exercise instructions and lab results. If you’re the practitioner, you can add photos and videos to your patient’s account as well, giving you a greater accuracy in diagnosing and treating your patients as well as the ability to track the progress of certain physical and mental conditions such as rashes or anxiety. 

Payments are made faster. Everyone knows the struggle of having to ensure the financial side of running a business is done securely and easily. With Janeapp, you can guarantee you’re being paid for your services by setting up pre-payments or deposits for online booking, and your clients will have the opportunity to manage their payments to you without having to come to your office physically if they’re not feeling well, or being forced to mail the payments (which is becoming less of a desired payment practice in Canada, according to research).

Reminders can be automated. These can save you and your staff time from having to concern yourselves with the intake process. You can create these reminders yourself if they all embody the same message and you only want the name of the recipient to change. You can also customize Jane if your clinic accommodates clients who speak other languages (currently they support the use of French, Portuguese, and Dutch), or you can change and add your own language. Keep in mind that you will require a “Full Access” account in order to see and use these specific settings.

Jane is one of only a few. Its target audience for using their application is very niche, specifically for clinics and health practitioners from family doctors to specialists to clinical counsellors. Love and devotion to the user’s online experience is a given, and positive experience is such a hard thing to find in the world of medical software.

Do you need to compare Janeapp with other CRMs before you fully decide? We’ve got you covered. Download our comparison guide today!

Need a specialist? Give me a call

As a CRM consultant I’ve had over a decade’s worth of experience to install and use Janeapp, so I realize the best of its capability to improve your business’s ROI and even its overall quality of life. 

Think of me as a helper who wants to help the other helpers out there, especially when it comes to delivering quality health and wellness care. I can show you the ins and outs of Janeapp as well as how to best use each feature, or if you’re ever stuck in its implementation process, I can show you how to fix it.

Whatever you need help with, you should always choose happy.

Book your discovery call today! You can even ask for a Pick Your Brain turbo session for a more in-depth Q&A about Janeapp!

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