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When you started this business, you knew you wanted to work your field and make money. What you didn’t want to do was spend hours figuring out how to setup the tech to make your business run smoothly.

Don’t worry… The Systems Queens will help.

Can you imagine a few weeks from now, when your new clients are rolling in, getting the information they need, being onboarded and ready to go—you’ll be watching the magic happen, leaving you to focus on other things in your business (or in your life!)

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1. Pick a date and time below and answer a few questions in our form.

2. Once you submit the form, you’ll receive email confirmation with more details regarding our call – as well as a zoom link.

3. During our 30-minute consult call, we will learn about your business, what systems you’re working with currently and what you want things to look like in your business moving forward. This will help us figure out if we’re gonna be a good fit for working together and how we can support you best. 

4. Don’t worry, there are no strings to this free call! 

I am saving a lot of time when it comes to sales

After working with The System Queens, I am saving a lot of time when it comes to sales. The System Queens were responsive and able to take any request, do research, and come back with a solution. They really know their stuff, they are super organized and on top of everything, highly professional, and got the job done in a timely manner.
Lee-Ann Theron
Six Degrees Productions

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Now, we are absolutely more organized and moving in the right direction.

Prior to the System Queens, we had no systems or structure. Now, we are absolutely more organized and moving in the right direction. I’d love to work with them exclusively and until then I will tell as many people as I can about them! You rock!
Amanda Sellers-Shurko
The VoiceOver School

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Consult Call

You’re going to book a time that works for you and fill out the attached form. From there you’ll receive a confirmation email with more details regarding our call.

Our Chat

Together we’ll talk about your business, what you’re currently experiencing and how you’re doing things—and what you want things to look like moving forward.

Your Proposal

If we decide we can work together, I’ll send you a proposal after the call (unless you decide to book with us right then and there!)

Then you submit the proposal, sign the contract, and pay a first installment to secure your spot in our calendar!


Have a Question?

Here are some of the most common we get asked!

Before you choose a CRM for your business, you need to make sure you know what business needs you require your CRM to solve. First, write out everything you need it to do and make sure to note which needs are deal breakers. Then, figure out what your budget will be for your CRM, and consider how much you can afford to pay per month for it. Then you can start to figure out which CRMs would best serve you. Feel free to use our free CRM Comparison Guide here, or book a consult!

A workflow, or an ‘automation’ is a set of repeatable steps or activities that work together and are trigger sequentially, to achieve a goal or a task. An example could be your ‘Client Onboarding Workflow’, which might start once your client signs your contract, for example. The signing of the contract could trigger the next step, which might be to change their project status in your CRM, or perhaps the signing of the contract triggers a gift card being sent to the client to welcome them, etc. The goal of a workflow is to save you time and to utilize your systems to do the work FOR you.

There are MANY different options of integrations you could set up for your CRM. Depending on which CRM you have, or choose, there will likely be some integrations that are available ‘out of the box’, or that come built in for that CRM, and then you can set up many, many other integrations via a program like Zapier. Think about what other systems you are already using that either can’t be replaced by your CRM, or that you just aren’t willing to give up. Examples could be your email marketing program (like Mailchimp), or your accounting software (like Quickbooks).

Lead stages indicate where a lead or potential client is in their journey with you, from initial inquiry, to becoming your client. Some examples might be ‘New’, when they’ve only just inquired, or ‘Discovery Call Booked, once they’ve booked a consult with you, or ‘Contract Signed’, once they’ve signed are officially your client!

A good onboarding process is one that makes your client feel taken care of and communicated with, and also gets you the information that you need in order to begin work with the client. Think of all of the steps or tasks that need to happen once someone signs with you. Write it all down, and decide the order in which it needs to happen, and make sure to take note if a step is dependant on something else happening first. Once you decide on a solid onboarding process, you can turn that into a repeatable workflow, to take some of the steps out of your hands.

After you submit the Contact form, you will receive an email from me with an invitation to schedule a Discovery Call. You can use this link to find a date and time that work for you. During the Discovery Call, I want to learn more about your business, find out which systems you are currently using , and hear about your pain points and wishlist. After we connect on a Discovery Call, I will be sending you a proposal/quote with the details of a few packages I think could work for you, and then the ball is in your hands!

Our team of experts at The Systems Queens is an all female and female identifying group of bad-ass women in tech. We truly listen and truly care about your frustrations, and your dreams, and we want to make it better! We also take extra time to make sure our clients are trained and ready to use their systems in their day to day. We won’t leave you hanging!

Typically, it will take on average 4 weeks. It all really depends on how quickly we are able to get in touch with you and most importantly, how quickly you can get us the content needed to set up your CRM! Sometimes it takes less time, sometimes it takes more time. If you need your CRM set up way faster, check out our VIP Package (Done in a Day (ish)!)

No! User training is included in our set up packages. This is a session where we will meet with you as well as any other stakeholders/users in your business and go over the new CRM, show all of the parts and functions, and go over what a typical workflow would look like in your day to day. Two weeks of post project support is included as well, and you are free to reach out to us in that time about anything going wrong, or if you’re not understanding anything. Need more support? We also offer Support packages, made of various amounts of hours–to be used as needed to help you along the way!

CRMs aren’t a one-size-fits-all solution!


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