Build a Client Journey that Retains Customers and Makes You More Money

Learn how to level up Client Satisfaction and Increase Brand Loyalty, even if you have no idea where to begin!

Get Clarity

Starting your own business is HARD! There are so many aspects to decide on and sort out and get set up.

Creating your Client Journey Map is easy to overlook amidst the chaos of getting everything else done, and it can be tough to know where to start. You also may feel that you have to have everything else in your business fully set up and functioning before you even touch your Client Journey.

However, not having a clear and solid Client Journey for your business could damage it. Clients may lose trust, they may feel lost and unsure of their relationship with your business, and in the long run they will be less likely to want to return and do more business with you.


The One and only

Your Guide to Mapping a Successful Client Journey

Short and Sweet

This new short course from The Systems Queens is the perfect solution for any business owner.

Make them love you

Learn how to improve customer satisfaction and increase client retention!

Client Journey 101

learn what a Client Journey is and why it is essential to your business.

Secret Ingredients

What different ‘ingredients’ make up a client journey, and how they all work together.

Build Your Own

You’ll also learn how to set up your own Client Journey for your business.

Rock Star Host

Hosted by The Systems Queen CEO Maryanne Renzetti as your instructor.

By the end of this course, you will walk away having learned how to plan and map out your Client Journey like a boss, without any of the hassle or expense and with a completed Client Journey Map that you can start using right away!


Here’s what a few past clients had to say:

Course Outcomes

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to:

Instructor Bio

Maryanne Renzetti

CEO of The Systems Queens

Communication is the cornerstone of my life and work, and I consider myself a boss in the best way possible. Between my years of experience and client testimonials, I’m told I have a gift for first listening and comprehending my client’s needs, then mapping out the critical path for an even more successful business.

Time is your most precious commodity; there are no do-overs and no matter how much money you have, you can’t buy more of it. My work is the most rewarding when I’m given the opportunity to alleviate the major sources of stress in business owners’ lives and give people their life back. Using our services to harness the power of CRM technology will streamline and automate the inefficient areas of your workflows, freeing up time so you can do the things you love with the people you adore.


I look forward to meeting you and seeing your newly made Client Journey!

Frequently Asked Questions

You have lifetime access to this version of the course.

Yes! This course is ESSENTIAL for you! Having a strongly mapped Client Journey is going to be so important for you when it comes to knowing which systems you will need to set up and in making sure that your clients are well taken care of and can trust your brand.

This course consists of 5 Modules, which are released to you one day at a time.

It will be approximately 2 hours total, however you are free to spread the course hours out and go at your own pace with the course.

This is an evergreen course, with a bonus feature of expert feedback on your completed Client Journey template.

You will receive your materials once you have signed up.

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Learn How to Create Your Own Client Journey!
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