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5 Things a Systems Consultant can do for your business


Business System Consultants A Business Systems Consultant (BSC), also known as Technology Consultants play a critical role in enhancing an organization’s operational efficiency. A BSC’s projects often involve integrating new technologies, training stakeholders, and optimizing systems for the business’s specific needs. For many organizations, a systems consultant means the difference between a successful digital project […]

8 Tips to unlock the full potential of your CRM


Customer Relationship Management systems (CRM) are indispensable tools for businesses to manage all their interactions with current and potential clients. Whether you are a small business or a mega corporation, harnessing the full potential of your CRM can significantly impact growth, customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. CRMs can be incredibly powerful if used effectively. However, […]

7 reasons why smart businesses hire agencies for CRM implementation and support.

three women linking arms in different coloured business suits


In today’s business climate, Customer Relationship Management Systems (or CRM) play a pivotal role in driving growth, enhancing customer satisfaction, and streamlining operations for small businesses and corporations alike.  Options for CRMs are vast, with something for every size business and industry. Jobber, for example, is a CRM specifically designed for small to medium sized […]

What is a customer journey and why do businesses need one? Plus, how to get started.

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What is a client journey? A client journey, or customer journey, maps the various touch points from initial contact to project completion and ongoing activity. It goes beyond just the purchase, following how your clients engage with your services before, during and after they buy. Each journey should be unique to each interaction. The client […]

Vancouver’s Most Reviewed Leader 2023


The Manifest Presents The Systems Queens as Vancouver’s Most Reviewed Leader 2023 Founded in 2021, The Systems Queens is a dedicated all-female agency that is passionate about helping businesses reach their goals. Our team is built on a foundation of trust, and we want our clients to feel as confident and comfortable as we help […]

How to Harmonize Email Marketing and a CRM

How to Harmonize Email Marketing and a CRM | The Systems Queens


Have you got a lot to say to your customers, and do you rely on email for that reason? Even today, email is still going strong as a means to communicate your company’s messages to valued customers.  As the bad-ass CEO you are, you can send beautiful emails that engage your customers, get them to […]

How to Transition from One CRM to Another Smoothly

How to Transition from One CRM to Another Smoothly | The Systems Queens


Do you have a CRM system in place at your company? Has your system been forcing you to pour money and time into it, with little to no good results? Do you still feel as disorganized, disappointed, and disheartened as when you set up the CRM in the first place? No business owner should settle […]

The Ultimate Guide on Building Customer Loyalty (Hint: Use a CRM!)

The Ultimate Guide on Building Customer Loyalty (Hint: Use a CRM!) | The Systems Queens


Customers. As business owners we love having them around! They’re truly the reason why we’ve become the bad-ass CEOs who are reading this guide right now.  Naturally if you are reading this, you’re probably looking to build a loyal customer base for your business, one that will continually grow and prosper for years to come. […]

The Hottest Ways You Can Customize Salesforce for Your Business

The Hottest Ways You Can Customize Salesforce for Your Business | The Systems Queens


Are you feeling the heat when it comes to running your business during summer?  We know how busy of a season it can be for most business owners. Maybe you’re still trying to track sales from spring and even winter the year prior, or maybe you want to gather leads at trade shows you’re planning […]

CRMs aren’t a one-size-fits-all solution!


Find the perfect fit for your business with our FREE guide to the top 19 CRMs on the market. Compare prices, features, and capabilities to make an informed decision that meets your unique needs and goals.

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