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5 Signs Your Business Seriously Needs a CRM System

5 Signs Your Business Seriously Needs a CRM System | The Systems Queens


Just like a car, your business always needs proper care and maintenance, and attention. And also like a car, the very last thing you want is to experience a breakdown RIGHT as the holidays are ramping up.

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It really doesn’t take too long to realize that in a lot of cases, some signs that a thing needs to be taken care of are more obvious than others. 

Believe it or not, the same applies to CRM too.

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We’ll go over the five biggest signs that your business seriously needs a CRM system.

1. You have NO idea what anyone’s doing.

You know how you honk at somebody when driving, particularly if they’re about to do something reckless or unsafe while on the road?

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If you keep “honking” at your staff, or sales team, and they’re not honking back…something’s definitely wrong.

With every additional salesperson on your team there comes a different style or flair with the way they promote your business. More often than not, this can lead to a real problem called a data silo, which is raw data that’s accessible to one department but completely isolated from the rest.

These things are legit the worst. They slow down progress and give you no clue as to how your sales are doing.

CRM removes the likelihood of data silos by working with you as a centralized zone for information. With CRM, you will have access to the data your business needs to keep sales flourishing no matter what time of year it is.

Basically, when it comes to communicating with your sales and other departments, you need to see less of this.

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Let’s make sure you have a little more of this instead.

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2. There’s no data, or like…it’s all over the place.

It’s nice to have data around because you really never know when you need it most. That being said, collecting the data you need is where things at work can get really tricky and overcomplicated.

Let’s say you have a big meeting coming up with a hot new lead. You’ve got this amazing proposal to offer that will boost their sales not only compared to this year that’s happening now, but also the year before. You spent maybe an hour or more than you meant to collect the data, but hey, it’s there!

Now, take a look at your desk. Is the data you need in an Excel spreadsheet, or Google Docs, or…

Wait a second. Where IS your data being stored, exactly?

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If this sounds like the way in which you’re collecting data, whether it’s for the sake of your clients or it’s to gather intel and information on your customers, that’s a big red flag. Spreading your data across several applications leads to one big headache, as the above situation may be making you feel!

CRM systems were specially designed to make data collection and organization super simple and straightforward. Plus, it can be accessible to everyone on the team, meaning everyone will be on the same page when it comes time to seal the deal on said hot new lead.

3. You’re using the one-size-fits-all approach.

One thing us Systems Queens have noticed at our agency is that when it comes to attracting and keeping customers, keeping things spicy and varied in your marketing produces way better results.

As the saying goes, trust can be a hard thing to find, and we know you want your customers to trust your business enough to keep coming back. That’s a goal I think every business owner can get behind!

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Now, maybe you’re familiar with that marketing phrase “one size fits all”. It’s definitely a familiar slogan to see when it comes to clothing.

For the sake of keeping this article’s theme consistent however–in our case, we’re talking about cars–then no, one size absolutely does NOT fit all. If anything, car companies are always switching up how they promote the vehicles they’re selling in their commercials. 

Remember the last time you saw a car commercial? Did it have an individual driving alone to the mountains, gearing up for a hike? Or was there a family involved getting ready for a big soccer game, or camping trip?

If this variety doesn’t sound like how your marketing campaigns are going, then I’m afraid to tell you you’ve fallen for the “one size fits all” style of marketing. Because honestly, customers really aren’t that. At all. No stage of purchasing is the same, either. So why treat your marketing the same way?

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Again, having a CRM system in place can help with this scenario. When using one such as Dubsado, you can identify your customer’s interactions at every purchasing stage, as your CRM will log, monitor, and track these interactions. You’ll get the info you need on the most valuable buying patterns, and from there you can adjust your marketing campaigns accordingly, even optimize it.

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4. Growth? What’s that?

Serious question time: do you know where your business is headed towards in the next year? Or for that matter, even further? And do you think you have the tools you need to get to that point where your business is not only thriving, it’s growing too? 

Or, are you asking the same question as the sub-headline above?

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Going back to the car example, you should not be treating your car as just another means of getting from point A to point B; yes that’s helpful, but sometimes the journey, especially if you’re not tuning into things business-wise, can take an extra bumpy turn if you’re not looking at the growth part.

One of the best things about CRM systems is that there really never is a bad time to start using one, especially if growth is on the top of your business bucket list…in fact, you can move that from your bucket list to your immediate to-do list. By choosing the most suitable CRM, you’ll be growing your business without giving up that sense of productivity.

As for which system to choose, the best kind can be both customizable and extendable. That way you can overcome whatever challenge you face as your company evolves and expands.

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5. Your customers are not happy. At all.

Customers are literally the backbone of every business, whatever size it may be.

You want your customers to be happy, and sometimes they’re not, even after you did all you could to make their experience a good one. Cue the onslaught of bad reviews online, your products sales dropping, and many a vocal complaint thrown your way.

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If this sounds like your business’s situation now, we feel you. It’s hard to run a business, let alone keep everyone happy.

But if this is actually a repeated situation you’re dealing with, you need to really stop what you’re doing and take a good, hard look at what’s going on–or not, depending on the reason behind the negativity.

Take a closer look at that poor feedback. Is there a pattern between them all? 

Whatever the reason your customers aren’t happy (like, at all), having a CRM system in place can spare your company and staff from experiencing this kind of trouble from the get-go.

Benefits of using CRM for the sake of your customers means the following:

  • Your customers will feel they’re being heard, meaning less poor feedback and reviews
  • You will see opportunities for improvement–which, ultimately, also lead to opportunities for growth too (see our previous point)
  • You will save time, energy, and money (and especially future headaches!) by having data on customer activities and behaviours in one place
  • Your CRM can be accessed and even shared across all departments in your business, so everyone can contribute to helping a customer out in a timely fashion

All signs point to needing CRM

Like we said earlier, we realize by the time you’re reading this it’s either well into the year you’re doing most of your business planning and strategizing, or maybe it’s coming to a close again, or maybe you’ve stumbled across this at random (if so, welcome! We’re so happy you found us!). 

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And maybe you’re not only seeing one of these signs, but several.

There is good news.

Having a CRM system can help rectify and remedy these signs, and then some, before they get too serious and out of your hands. And if you’re only starting now, don’t worry.  It’s never too late to change your business for the better.

You can choose your CRM and play around with demonstrations first, as many of them offer free trials.

It’s nice to know what to expect though, isn’t it? We agree, and that’s why we’ve got a comparison guide for you, also free of charge.

And if you’re still stumped? That’s okay, too. We got you.

Book a discovery call with your Systems Queens today!

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